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tackling poverty through education & social welfare projects in the UK & abroad. 

Please Donate Generously. KESWA is a Registered Charity.

contact our Sponsorship Coordinator Bilal Suleman Musa on 07792740702

if you wish to sponsor a college/university student or a hafiz, aalim, aalimah, widow, orphan or a sick/disabled person.    email:   s[email protected]

Please contact our Treasurer Mustafa AbdulKader on 07967601108 

for Gift-Aid, Collection-Boxes, Subscriptions, Donations or any ideas to help raise funds for our projects.     email: [email protected]

Please contact  our General Secretary GulamHusein S. Abramawala  on 02476743737 regarding current applications or beneficiary details.  email:  [email protected].com

For all suggestions, concerns or complaints please contact the Chairman (Mol) Osman Yusuf  on 07779648460 or email:    [email protected]

The Book-Exchange & Resource Pack Schemes are being developed.   Please help UK Students by taking part in these schemes. The Resource pack will contain a Musallah, Compass, Duas, Scientific Calculator and details of volunteering and opportunities for

work- experience.  Share your books. Help save money and preserve  the environment while  earning Sawaab-e-Jaariyah. Further information to follow soon!

Please host our Box in 

your home or business. 

Your loose change can help make life-changing decisions in some poor person's life.

Every Penny Helps!