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tackling poverty through education & social welfare projects in the UK & abroad. 

Educational Projects


Many young men and women are  

studying at College, Universit& Darul-Uloom with assistance from KESWA Charity. your sponsorship enables students to complete their study. We're happy to support any type of higher education or vocational course. You can sponsor students for only 

£10 a month

Two new schemes are being developed for UK students to support them with their 

studies. Text books owned by previous

learners will be re-cycled through our 

Book-Exchange Scheme. This helps avoid expensive purchases for new learners. it also helps preserve the environment. 

Please share your used books for the project.

The Resource Pack contains useful items for study & personal use.   
Please sponsor items for the Resource Pack. Details to follow soon Insha-Allah!

  Recipients featured in Slideshows & Photo Gallery are actual beneficiariesSome external imagery used is solely for the purpose of  illustrating types of activity carried out. 

Resource Pack @ £25