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Social Welfare Projects

We address social deprivation by helping those at the margins of society.

Widows, Orphans, the Sick and Disabled find it hard to make their voices heard. Their plight remains invisible within the general picture of poverty.

We provide small grants to Widows and Orphans. We contribute towards healthcare costs of the sick. We believe strongly in collaboration and will gladly work with other groups and community initiatives.

Be the change you want to see in the world! 

Sponsor an unfortunate individual and be the key to positive change in their life. 

The plight of widows & orphans is very harsh, especially in countries where government help is limited. Our small grants help meet day-to-day living costs.

We also pay towards medication and hospital admission costs.

We remain mindful our efforts to help the poor does not lead to a dependency

culture. We strive to ensure our beneficiaries become self-sufficient.

Sponsor a widow,

orphan, sick or a

disabled person

from as little as £35

Major illness or

operation costs

£150 to £350

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