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tackling poverty through education & social welfare projects in the UK & abroad. 


Our sponsorship schemes are tailored to your preferences and affordability.  

Students doing  BA, MA, BEd, BCom, MCom Hifz, Qira'at, Aalim, Aalimah, Mufti, courses can be sponsored through KESWA as well as those learning Sewing & Design,

Computing, Arts, Electrician, Motor Mechanics etc.

Sponsor Students for just £10 a month

Sponsor a Widow, Orphan, Sick or Disabled Person for just £35

Sponsor Identity & belonging workshops from just £35 per participant.

A generous benefactor kindly donated thousands of new blankets for free distribution. We distributed these blankets to orphans, students, sick & disabled individuals and the poor & needy in Gambia, India, Nepal and the UK. We are busy organising distribution of more blankets and equipment to the needy. Kindly support our Distribution Projects.  

Please donate £2 per-item or whatever you can afford to cover the cost of cargo, shipment, storage and distribution.  Details available by contacting us on  07779648460

Thousands of blankets are being dispatched across Europe to provide small comfort to Syrian migrants etc. Please help with  whatever you can. Donate £2 per blanket.