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Many Hands Make Light Work!

Volunteers are the backbone of any organisation. Donor-loyalty is its lifeblood.

KESWA Charity is grateful for support from all the men, women and children who help us in various ways. Volunteers are the public face of our charity. Some prefer to help out behind the scenes anonymously. You know who you are. More importantly, The Almighty knows who you are! Jazaak-Allahu Khairan fid-Daarain!

We're tremendously lucky to have a pool of dedicated volunteers who provide vital services. They are key to our success. Volunteers help with door-to-door fundraising. They

provide hospitality and overnight stay to our fundraisers during our campaigns.

Volunteers take care of our transport needs. They also help

collect proceeds from Collection boxes placed in homes and businesses.  

Each function is an important link

in helping make KESWA Charity a real success.

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